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Farms are all about life!┬áCome learn about both plants and animals through the lens of my family’s travel to a farm in the mountains of Honduras. This Field Notes covers a ton of cool stuff and includes some neat resources for continued learning at the end.

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Farms are absolutely bursting with life!

Recently my family had the chance to spend an entire month living on a farm in Honduras, and we were amazed with everything there was to see. Farm animals were everywhere, and we had the chance to see new life hatching from eggs.

Likewise, plants grew like crazy in the tropical environment, giving us plenty of chances to observe and learn!

This Field Guide goes over some of the amazing things we learned about living things, with a special focus on animals and plants. I talk about a lot more than just what we saw on the farm, though.

This Field Notes has information on:
– Fun details from our farm stay
– plants and their features
– animals and their features
– extra resources for more learning at home!


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