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  • Field Notes – Chocolate

  • Field Notes – Dallas 2020


    This was one of the first few Field Notes that I wrote, and my wife did an amazing job with the illustrations in the book. It’s a bit longer than the newer ones that I’ve done, and it’s available through Amazon instead of as a PDF.

    It’s about our time fossil hunting and dinosaur chasing in Texas back in 2020 and is written in a fun, engaging narrative style. Alongside the story, there are lots of fun informational tidbits and illustrations that I hope you’ll find as fun as the story itself!

    Come along with our family as we discover dinos, marvel at mammoths, and find some fossils of our own!

  • Field Notes – Farm Life


    Farms are all about life! Come learn about both plants and animals through the lens of my family’s travel to a farm in the mountains of Honduras. This Field Notes covers a ton of cool stuff and includes some neat resources for continued learning at the end.

  • Field Notes – Hot Springs


    Ahhh… There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a dip in a natural hot spring. But where does all that spring water come from, and why exactly is it so hot?

    Dive into my field notes on hot springs and learn about the different ways they happen across the world!

  • Field Notes – Virginia 2020


    This is where the Neverending Field Trip got its start!

    Come along with my family as we explore the beautiful landscapes and rich history of eastern Virginia! From the swamps and beaches of First Landing State Park to Virginia’s Historic Triangle, there’s so much to explore!

    This was the first of my Field Notes series and is quite a bit longer than some of my later PDFs. Alongside the story of our explorations, this ebook is filled with fun facts and beautiful illustrations by my talented wife.

    I hope you enjoy!

  • Field Notes Narratives – Chichen-Itza, Mexico


    Chichen-Itza is one of the new 7 Wonders of the World and a sight that I’ve wanted to see since I was a kid. It turns out that getting there was a lot easier than I expected! Come along with my family as we explore this new (ancient) wonder of the world!


  • Field Notes Narratives -Pacaya